About Iris & Sol

Iris & Sol is inspired by my children and the journey I have been on to become their mother. Iris stands for rainbow. Sol stands for sun. We can find both through anything we face in life.

I create timeless, handmade, custom pieces from Canadian sourced materials as a symbol of those we love in our lives. My mission is to support and bring awareness to perinatal/child loss and mothers' mental health. Having experienced heavy losses throughout my life - especially when trying to build my family - this cause is near and dear to my heart.

I was referred to the Perinatal Mental Health clinic at The Ottawa Hospital during my 4th pregnancy (2nd child) where I was diagnosed with general and social anxiety. This is something I have always lived with but it became unbearable after two miscarriages (blighted ovum 10 weeks and a chemical pregnancy). I was greatly supported by the team of doctors at the clinic and the choices they walked me through changed my life completely.

As such, a portion of each product sold from Iris & Sol will be donated to the Perinatal Mental Health clinic at The Ottawa Hospital

In giving back to this clinic with every product sold from Iris & Sol, I hope to impact another mother in a positive way and bring light to the lack of discussion surrounding perinatal mental health. So far we have raised:

$708 to The Perinatal Mental Health program at The Ottawa Hospital

If you wish to donate on top of your purchase, you can do so here