About Iris & Sol

Iris & Sol is inspired by my children and the journey I have been on to become their mother. Iris stands for rainbow. Sol stands for sun. We can find both through anything we face in life.

I create timeless, handmade, custom jewelry as well as lifestyle pieces as a symbol of those we love in our lives. My mission is to support and bring awareness to perinatal/child loss and mothers' mental health. Having experienced heavy losses throughout my life - especially when trying to build my family - this cause is near and dear to my heart.

I was referred to the Perinatal Mental Health clinic at The Ottawa Hospital during my 4th pregnancy (2nd child) where I was diagnosed with general and social anxiety. This is something I have always lived with but it became unbearable after two miscarriages (blighted ovum 10 weeks and a chemical pregnancy). I was greatly supported by the team of doctors at the clinic and the choices they walked me through changed my life completely.

As such, a portion of each product sold from Iris & Sol will be donated to the Perinatal Mental Health clinic at The Ottawa Hospital

In giving back to this clinic with every product sold from Iris & Sol, I hope to impact another mother in a positive way and bring light to the lack of discussion surrounding perinatal mental health. 

We are also collaborating with the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative (CPMHC) to raise funds for their ongoing efforts to improve perinatal mental health services across the country. Every April, we triple donations to Flora's Walk with every sale and we also create custom pieces with their logo to raise additional funds.

So far, Iris & Sol has raised $962 for Perinatal Mental Health programs in Canada

If you wish to donate on top of your purchase, you can do so here