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The Night Court Bracelet

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The Night Court Bracelet features a unique 14k gold-filled half-moon pendant, symbolizing the solitary nights of new parents, wrapped in the embrace of a newborn. Commemorate the beauty of this transformative phase with The Night Court Bracelet—a tribute to the profound purpose found amidst sleepless nights under the brightest moon.

This bracelet is crafted with Iolite beads. These beads aren't just stones; they're guiding lights iluminating your path forward. Iolite enhances vision, unveiling the intricacies of past lives while aiding in decisive action.

This bracelet is also an ode to the journey of discovery, independence and love in the Night Court outlined in the novel "A Court of Mist and Fury" by Sarah J. Maas.

Note that this bracelet is especially delicate. Handle with care and keep away from tiny hands and fists of fury - IYKYK