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Sol DIY Bracelet Kits

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Say No to Waste & Yes to Creativity!

Ages 4+

The Sol DIY Bracelet kits are filled with everything your little one needs to make their own friendship bracelet.

It includes EXACTLY what you need to make a bracelet. No leftover beads. No endless amount of string hanging around. Everything they'll need to have fun and be good to our planet is included:

  • Colourful chord (20in approximately)
  • Handful of wide-hole beads
  • Custom letters for name or words of your choice
  • Iris rainbow sticker
  • Little pouch

Three bead themes are available: 

  • Flutter : mix of pastel blue, purple, pink, yellow and white
  • Fearless: mix of red, aqua, purple and blush
  • My Dude: mix of neon colours + black

* Important to note that despite best efforts, a bracelet can break unexpectedly. The beads can be a chocking hazard. Please gift responsibly. *