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The Hallows Bracelet

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The Hallows Bracelet showcases a unique black gemstone encased in vermeille. Symbolizing the "resurrection stone" from the Deathly Hallows - a most entrancing tale from the Harry Potter series that outlines three protective pieces that keeps one indefinitely safe - the stone serves as a poignant reminder of loved ones lost.

This bracelet is thread with a serene blend of Rainbow Moonstone beads. These Grade A crystal stones align and activate your chakras. Emanating calming vibrations, these stones foster mental clarity while shielding your aura from negativity.

The coupling of the Rainbow Moonstone beads and the symbolic stone pendant signifies our enduring connection with those we cherish, offering comfort and protection on our journey forward.

Note that this bracelet is especially delicate. Handle with care and keep away from tiny hands and fists of fury - IYKYK